In the high stakes world of Valorant, every character, or agent, has their own set of unique abilities and traits. Learning how to optimally use each one can significantly improve your gameplay. So, let’s break down some tips for each agent that will surely provide you with an edge.

1. Killjoy

After the recent patch, Killjoy’s mollies have become easier to see from a distance, rendering many setups ineffective. To counter this, consider placing them behind walls or objects. This makes it more challenging for enemies to spot them, providing a stealthy advantage.

2. Phoenix

Phoenix’s molotov, when thrown, travels the same distance as the outer ring of the sound circle (32 meters). This knowledge combined with his flash can prove extremely powerful for managing engagements from a distance.

3. Brimstone

Brimstone’s ultimate is incredibly loud, drowning out the sound of your footsteps or any utility thrown afterwards. Use this to your advantage by repositioning yourself after deploying the ultimate, catching enemies off guard from unexpected angles.

4. Chamber

Even though Chamber has lost his second teleport due to nerfs, he remains a viable pick. The range of his teleport has been dramatically increased with no height restriction. This opens up room for creativity in its placement, allowing you to catch enemies off guard.

5. Cypher

Don’t fall into the common trap of using both of Cypher’s trap wires on the site you’re defending. Place one in a choke point of the map, so your team can stack more effectively towards another site.

6. Fade

Fade’s haunt feature allows you to hear when it lands. If your reveals keep getting shot, try combining the reveal with an Omen or KO flash. This will increase your chances of getting the necessary information, and keeps your enemy guessing.

7. Omen

Instead of smoking the side entrance to deter a push, consider dropping a smoke right onto the site. This makes enemies more cautious when pushing and can give you an opportunity to hide in it and pick off any enemies that wander in.

8. Gekko

Use Gekko’s wingman not only for planting the spike but also to clear tight angles before your team enters the site. This will provide safer entry, and you can recover the wingman for another use after just 10 seconds.

9. Harbor

During a pistol round, remember to grab Harbor’s cove. It requires 17 shots to destroy with a ghost or classic bullets, giving you an almost guaranteed safe spike plant.

10. Breach

When using Breach, hold your stun until enemies start pushing a site. Then, direct your stun to the enemy’s location and fire, causing disorientation and potential free kills.

11. Jett

Combine all three of Jett’s abilities into one for a powerful attack. Smoke an area, updraft into it, and then dash, making it very difficult for enemies to hit you while you gain ground.

12. Kay/O

Kay/O’s ultimate is incredibly potent, and the best time to use it is when the enemy’s ultimate gets activated. This tactic can disrupt the enemies’ push and buy precious time for your team.

13. Neon

When using Neon’s overdrive ability, remember to always keep moving. Staying stationary wastes its potential. However, take care not to expose yourself to too many angles.

14. Sage

As Sage, it’s important to adapt your wall usage to the flow of the game. If the enemy team isn’t consistently pushing through a specific area, then placing your wall there isn’t as beneficial. Try to identify the enemy’s most common routes and use your wall to either slow them down or to completely block their path, forcing them to change their strategy.

15. Sova

Utilize Sova’s drone and recon bolt to gather crucial information for your team. A common mistake players make is to not fully take advantage of the information these abilities provide. Remember, the goal isn’t just to tag enemies, but also to reveal their positioning and movement, providing your team with a tactical advantage.

16. Skye

Skye’s healing ability is crucial in maintaining your team’s health, but don’t forget about her other abilities. Her flashes can provide fantastic entry opportunities, and her hawk can provide information similar to Sova’s drone. Also, remember that her ultimate can be controlled, making it an excellent tool for confusing the enemy and allowing for a safer spike plant or defuse.

17. Raze

Use Raze’s grenades and satchels for clearing out enemy positions. Her ultimate ability is also great for forcing enemies out of hiding or eliminating grouped enemies. Don’t forget to use her satchels for mobility as well – they can boost you into otherwise inaccessible areas or provide quick escape routes.

18. Astra

Astra’s stars provide a variety of control options, so don’t pigeonhole yourself into using only one kind of tactic. Mix up your strategy with gravity wells, stuns, and smokes to keep the enemy team guessing. Remember, you can always recall your stars if they’re not in the right place, so don’t be afraid to adapt mid-round.

19. Viper

Viper’s toxic screen can create safe paths for your team or block off important sightlines for the enemy. However, don’t forget about her poison cloud – it can be thrown like a smoke grenade, and you can activate it remotely, making it perfect for a post-plant situation.

20. Reyna

As Reyna, remember that you are a duelist, which means your job is to get kills and create space for your team. Use her abilities to self-heal and become invulnerable, but remember that this also reveals your location, so be sure to relocate quickly after.

21. Yoru

Yoru’s teleport ability can be used for both offense and defense. On offense, it can be used to get behind enemy lines or bypass chokepoints. On defense, it can be used to quickly rotate between sites. Just be careful – enemies can hear the sound of your teleport, so use it wisely.