Crosshairs are among the essential factors that shape your aiming and shooting success in Valorant. With the right crosshair, you can significantly enhance your performance and even get an edge over your opponents. This guide will introduce you to the top 10 crosshairs in Valorant that feel like cheats, minus the actual cheating. Each crosshair mentioned will include its specifications to aid you in replicating it. Let’s dive in!

1. The Plus Crosshair

Made famous by CNed during VCT 2021, the Plus Crosshair has since been adopted by various pro players like Yay, shroud, and Nabi Shao. Suitable for diverse aiming styles, this crosshair can reinvigorate your mid-game stalemates. Try green, cyan, yellow, or white for the best visual results.

2. The Infamous Dot Crosshair

This minimalistic crosshair, popularized by Carmine Corps’ Scream, is best suited for confident aimers. The miniature design is a mark of precision, particularly advantageous when playing at 4×3 or 5×4 resolution. Avoid black, as it can reduce visibility.

3. The TenZ Crosshair

Widely used in Valorant and endorsed by renowned players like TenZ, Zombs, Wardell, and Cryo, the TenZ’s crosshair perfectly balances large and small. It is especially recommended for beginners as it provides an excellent base for developing individualized crosshair styles. The most common colors are cyan, blue, yellow, and white.

4. The Asuna Crosshair

Ideal for duelist players who thrive in close-to-medium-range battles, Asuna’s Crosshair brings an aggressive flair to your game. The smaller gap in the middle may make it harder to see enemies at long range, making it better suited for rapid, on-the-go gameplay. All colors work with this crosshair except black.

5. The Counter-Strike Crosshair

This larger crosshair, reminiscent of those used by CS: GO pros, is great for spraying and tapping. The significant gap allows enemy heads to fit inside it perfectly, resulting in satisfying shots. Yellow, red, cyan and blue are recommended colors.

6. The Saucy Crosshair

Saucy’s crosshair, a slight variation of the default one, has been instrumental in his recent successes in Valorant. This crosshair performs best at the close-to-medium range but may falter at long range. Yellow, white, or cyan are suggested colors for this crosshair.

7. The Tic-Tac-Toe Crosshair

Unconventional but surprisingly effective, this crosshair has the benefit of clean outlines for easy focus. It feels large, yet the enemies appear as if they’re spawning within your crosshair. White or cyan colors are recommended.

8. The Box Crosshair

Popularized by former DRX player Lakia, the Box Crosshair provides good visibility at long and close ranges. Its distinctive shape offers a crisp control sense to lock onto enemy heads. Cyan and white are the preferred colors.

9. The UFO Crosshair

Used by Paper Rex’s duelist Forsaken, the UFO Crosshair boasts a unique combination of inner and outer lines. It offers a distinct type of confidence due to its shape and bold look, making lineups easier. Given the reliance on black outlines, keeping the color of this crosshair black is recommended.

10. The Large Yay Crosshair

With a subtle outline, Yay’s large crosshair allows you to focus on your enemies without unnecessary visual clutter. It’s particularly effective for tracking moving enemies and snapping onto targets. Best used in a bright color like cyan or yellow.

Remember that there’s no definitive ‘best’ crosshair when choosing your crosshair. Each player will find a different crosshair more suitable based on their playstyle and personal preference. It’s always a good idea to experiment with different crosshairs and settings to find the one that works best for you.

Ultimately, your crosshair should be a tool that helps you focus and aim better. It should be comfortable to use and match your style of play. Try different crosshairs, practice, and eventually, you’ll find the one that fits you best.

Remember, a good crosshair can’t compensate for poor game sense or aim, but it can help make your shots more accurate. So practice regularly, and who knows? You’ll create the next popular crosshair that everyone will want to replicate.