Mastering movement in Valorant can be the key differentiator between an average and skilled player. While many players prioritize aim and shooting techniques, they often overlook the critical role movement plays in the game. If you’ve been struggling to make headway and find your aim inconsistent or feel you’re an easy target for opponents, your movement strategy needs some improvement. Here are five key tips to perfect your movement in Valorant and become a formidable force in the game.

1. Master A and D for Peaking

Using A and D for peaking is an invaluable skill in Valorant. A common mistake many players make is using the W key to walk into sight and take a fight. This makes you an easy target for opponents, especially when peaking. Using A and D increases your agility and becomes a harder target to hit.

When you use A and D to jiggle, you become an even faster target to hit, providing you with a significant advantage in a fight. This also ties into counter-strafing, a technique that can make you a mobile and elusive target. To counter the strafe, tap the opposite movement key to stop yourself from moving in one direction. This leaves you with a window of opportunity to take an accurate shot.

2. Understand When to Crouch

Crouching is one of the most misunderstood aspects of Valorant. While it’s true that crouching can sometimes work against you, especially if you instantly crouch out of panic during a fight, there are situations where it can be a valuable tool.

Crouching can help to correct your spray, making it more accurate after the initial shots. While it’s generally advisable to aim for taps or bursts while strafing, sometimes you must resort to spraying. In these instances, crouching can control the spray, making you a harder target and potentially helping you win the fight. Remember to use crouching to correct your spray, but avoid instantly crouching in every fight.

3. Master Jump Peaking

Jump peaking is an essential skill for getting free information safely. It’s a technique that involves holding W until you reach an angle, jumping, and then pulling yourself back with A and S. The goal is to use counter-movement to get a quick peak of information without making yourself an easy target.

4. Understand When to Jiggle Peak or Wide Swing

Knowing when to jiggle peak or wide swing is crucial to improving your movement in Valorant. Generally, wide swinging is only advisable if you are confident you are only swinging against one opponent or if you can quickly get in and out of the situation.

If you wide swing against more than one player, you will likely be quickly traded out, even if you eliminate one opponent. It’s always better to jiggle peak each angle individually to isolate the 1v1s and give yourself the biggest advantage. Understanding and applying this in-game is vital to improving your movement.

5. Learn Skill Jumps and Crouch Jumps

Skill jumps and crouch jumps allow you to reach advantageous positions you couldn’t achieve without using the crouch key. These jumps can offer you a strategic advantage due to their unexpected verticality.

Learning how to jump silent is also crucial. Silent jumping allows you to gather information without alerting your enemies. To execute a silent jump, hold your crouch key, jump, and let go of the crouch in mid-air. This prevents noise when you land from your jump.