If you’ve been keeping up with the trends of Valorant’s ranked play, you’ll likely have noticed the sea changes brought about by patch 6.11. While it only introduced a slight shift in the meta, it is significant enough to warrant a discussion, particularly about the agents that have been storming this new terrain. So, let’s dive in and explore these characters that can maximize your ELO gains in patch 6.11.

1. Harbor

Perhaps the most surprising name on this list is Harbor, an underutilized agent that is now gaining attention due to the rise of the double controller meta. Harbor’s utility serves as a valuable supplement to any team’s composition, as it provides a slowing wall that effectively covers areas of the map, hindering enemy advancement. Furthermore, Harbor has great team play potential. We’ve seen players utilize his wall for aggressive pushes, using flashes to deny enemy information and seize control. On certain maps, such as Pearl, Lotus, and Bind, his utilities can capture any Spike site effectively if used in conjunction with teammates.

However, just like Viper, Harbor’s major weakness lies in his inability to pivot his utility quickly from one site to another, which is a characteristic that other controllers can offer. Yet, despite this downside, Harbor is a viable pick that could win you games if used strategically as a secondary controller.

2. Gekko

Next up on the list is the unique initiator, Gekko. Unlike conventional initiators, Gekko fills a more flexible role, boasting area denial, Intel, and a safe way to plant the bomb. His utility kit can complement all the other agents on this list and provides an unmatched variety in the initiator category. Two of his standout abilities are his dizzy flash and his wingman ability. The dizzy flash forces your enemies to shoot at it, providing you with crucial information on their location, while his wingman ability can defuse bombs, and even chase down opponents, bringing a significant impact to the game.

3. Sage

With a staggering 10% pick rate, Sage has made a triumphant comeback into the Valorant scene. She offers raw stopping power with her slows and walls, making her an absolute team-play machine. Additionally, her resurrection ability can be game-changing, reviving a fallen ally and potentially tipping the balance of a match. While she lacks automatic flank watch, coupling her with Cypher or Killjoy can provide maximum map coverage.

4. Yoru

Long lurking in the shadows, Yoru is finally getting the recognition he deserves. His most notorious ability, the fake clone, can disorient the enemy team and even serve as a distraction for entries or intelligence gathering. Yoru’s flashes can also be used effectively as pop flashes to aid your team in Spike site attacks. His ultimate ability can provide valuable intel and strike fear into the enemy, making him one of the most powerful, yet overlooked Duelists in the game.

5. Astra

With the rise of the double controller meta, Astra has also made a triumphant return. Her stars, capable of causing significant disruption and delay, are a nightmare to deal with, especially during retakes. Pairing Astra with another stalling agent, such as Viper or Brimstone, can cause significant headaches for your opponents.

By using these agents in your ranked games, you’ll likely see an increase in your ELO and an overall improvement in your playstyle. So, why not give them a try and perhaps, you might find your new agent domain.