As the meta continuously evolves, identifying the best characters can help accelerate your climb to Immortal and beyond. This comprehensive guide will explore five incredible agents currently in their prime. Remember, becoming proficient with these characters could give you an essential advantage in your matches.


Killjoy has always been a meta-relevant pick. However, her value for ranked play in Patch 7.0 has reached unprecedented levels, making her a worthy addition to your agent repertoire.

Killjoy’s main strength lies in her defensive capabilities. By placing her utility on a specific site, she creates a formidable barrier that most enemies would rather avoid than challenge. This forces enemies to engage with the rest of your team, opening opportunities for your setups to yield kill after kill.

Moreover, Killjoy’s 1v1 prowess is remarkable. With her turret, you can gather crucial information and win consistent duels. Her ultimate can secure round wins and acts as the final blow against the enemy team, eliminating any chances of victory.


Omen has consistently been a high-tier agent. His abilities make him exceptional for lurking, which becomes increasingly important in ranked play.

Once you smoke off for your team, Omen allows you to take a patient stance, keep an eye on enemy movement, and capitalize on rotations. Successful lurks can drastically slow down enemy rotations, giving you the chance for a more aggressive push.

Moreover, Omen’s teleportation and blinding abilities make for engaging and versatile gameplay. Whether you’re lurking, teleporting, or blinding, Omen brings stability and impact to your team.


Breach has always been phenomenal, but he’s undeniably underrated in this meta. His abilities enable him to seize sites, often leading to easy team fight victories and control.

Playing Breach in a duo can be an incredibly powerful strategy. You can set up aggressive plays, executes, and fakes to swing the game in your favor. Breach’s capabilities can be best utilized on maps like Fracture and Haven, so having him as a flexible option in your roster would be wise.


Raze, with her explosive abilities, is a game-changer. She offers unique mobility options that can catch enemies off guard. She can deny entry onto a site and outmaneuver enemies with her blast packs.

Though mastering Raze takes time, it’s definitely worth the effort. Her ability to quickly change positions and throw enemies off balance and her damaging abilities make her one of the best agents for carrying games. She’s especially recommended for solo players seeking to maximize their impact.


Skye has established herself as the top agent in this meta, especially for pro play. Her healing capabilities and her ability to gather information make her an indispensable choice.

Skye brings many value, whether using her dogs and flashes for information gathering, enabling your team to enter sites, or rotating and re-entering with your utility. Her healing ability makes her a formidable agent against spam utility and crucial pistol rounds.

Skye’s ultimate is one of the best for retakes or stabilizing rounds. It’s a perfect balance of information gathering and playmaking. She can enable when needed and take matters into her own hands, making her an excellent pick in this patch.


Remember, mastering these agents takes time and practice. Don’t hesitate to delve into detailed guides and tutorials to further elevate your gameplay. Understanding these agents inside and out will help you unlock their true potential and advance your rank swiftly. So gear up, dive in, and start your journey to Immortal and beyond!