Hello Valorant enthusiasts! Today, we will explore Haven, a map celebrated for its vast expanses and long rotation times. This three-site map lends itself well to well-executed attacker strategies and offers significant retake potential for defenders. We’re about to break down which agents excel on this complex battleground. Strap in as we dive deep into strategies, tactics, and character capabilities.

S-Tier: Jett and Killjoy

Jett and Killjoy come in strong as the top-tier picks for Haven.

  • Jett: This agile duelist perfectly complements Haven’s vast layout. With her swift movement abilities, Jett can perform potent executes, facilitate retakes, and exploit long sightlines when equipped with an operator. She’s a powerful force, whether on the offense or defense.
  • Killjoy: Killjoy shines brightly on Haven due to her ability to control and deny map territory on both sides of the game. Furthermore, her lockdown ultimate ability, costing only seven ultimate points, can be a game-changer on this map for retakes or site executions.

A-Tier: Sova, Sage, Skye, Breach, KAY/O, Omen, Astra, Raze, Neon, and Cypher

A-tier agents are versatile and impactful on Haven. Let’s delve into each.

  • Sova: His recon arrows make him invaluable during executes and defenses, especially as Haven’s structure often makes these arrows challenging to shoot down.
  • Fade: Fade steps up as a strong contender on the Haven map. Known for her impactful influence, she’s proficient at hitting site B, and her abilities can effectively stall enemy advances or retakes, making her a crucial part of any team composition.
  • Skye: She boasts the most potent drone in the game, making her a powerful asset for information gathering and site execution.
  • Breach and KAY/O: These initiators shine on Haven. Breach’s fault line is excellent for site hits, retakes, and contesting Lobby control. Similarly, KAY/O’s suppressor knife offers an ideal setup for quick site hits.
  • Omen and Astra: These controllers’ global smokes are crucial for defending Haven’s expansive map. They also have strong combat abilities, lending them an upper hand during engagements.
  • Raze and Neon: Their high potential for strong site executes suits Haven perfectly. Neon’s quick rotation abilities give her an edge over other agents.
  • Cypher: The surveillance sentinel thrives on Haven. His ability to play detached from his utility, without it deactivating, is invaluable on such a large map.

B-Tier: Brimstone, Sage, Chamber, and Yoru

B-tier agents have notable potential on Haven but may not be as universally potent as the A and S tiers.

  • Brimstone: His ability to smoke is limited by his necessity to play mid to smoke either site. However, his stim beacon proves beneficial for team hits.
  • Sage: As noted earlier, Sage is an excellent choice for B-site executions, and her abilities can stall enemy incursions effectively.
  • Chamber and Yoru: Both agents can quickly rotate across Haven, providing a strategic advantage. Additionally, they make for solid operator choices due to their abilities.

C-Tier: Harbor, Phoenix, Reyna, and Viper

C-tier agents may offer less value than the others on Haven, but they can still be impactful in the right hands.

  • Harbor, Phoenix, Reyna, and Viper: While these agents don’t necessarily cater to Haven’s wide and intricate structure, skilled players could leverage their unique abilities to maintain a competitive edge.

In conclusion, Haven favors strategic play, sharp executes, and timely rotations. It’s crucial to remember that while these tiers offer general guidance, the best agent ultimately depends on your personal style and expertise. Stay versatile, communicate effectively with your team, and enjoy your games on Haven. It’s not just about the agent you play; it’s about how you play them! Happy gaming!