The Ultimate Brinstone Guide

Brimstone is one of the most versatile controllers in Valorant, providing powerful zoning and post-plant potential. His ability to simultaneously smoke multiple angles makes him an ideal pick for maps like Bind and Fracture. This Valorant Brimstone guide will go over how to maximize potential through smart use of his abilities and ult.

Brimstone’s Abilities

Sky Smoke

Brimstone’s Sky Smoke is his signature ability, allowing him to place up to 3 smokes anywhere within line of sight. These smokes last about 19 seconds, the longest of any controller. To use Sky Smoke, Brimstone equips his smoke launcher tablet which displays a map of his surroundings. He can then target locations to call in orbital smoke strikes. The smokes take about 1 second to land, providing enemies time to react. Players within the smoke have their vision heavily obscured.

Sky Smoke is great for blocking off lines of sight when pushing sites or taking control of areas of the map. Smoking multiple angles simultaneously puts pressure on enemies. Brimstone’s smokes don’t regenerate so make sure to use them effectively. Try implementing one-way smoke spots when possible to control areas while maintaining your own vision.


Brimstone’s Incendiary grenade creates a damaging field that lasts 7 seconds, dealing heavy damage over time. It’s an excellent post-plant tool, enabling Brimstone to deny defuses and buy precious seconds.

Learn key Incendiary spots for common plant locations on sites. A well-placed Incendiary can single-handedly win rounds by preventing defuses. Don’t be afraid to use your Incendiary for zone control as well. Placing it at chokepoints when defending can deter enemies from pushing and enable your teammates to rotate.

Stim Beacon

Stim Beacon provides a buff to any allies within its radius, granting increased fire rate, equip and reload speed, recovery, and most importantly, movement speed. The buff lasts 4 seconds after leaving the beacon’s radius.

Stim Beacon is great for empowering aggressive, fast-paced plays. The speed boost can catch enemies off guard when executing onto sites. Place Stim Beacons in areas your team plans to push through for a coordinated hit. Even if not pushing a site, Stim can help your team quickly reposition and gain map control.

Orbital Strike (Ultimate)

Brimstone’s ultimate calls down a devastating orbital laser strike, damaging any enemies caught within. It’s an extremely versatile ultimate that excels at denying space, breaking utility, and getting post-plant kills.

The best uses are post-plant and to counter enemy ultimates like Killjoy’s Lockdown. For post-plants, wait for the defuse sound then target common plant spots or chokepoints. Against Lockdown, save your ultimate to destroy the Lockdown device. This can force a standoff, causing teams to hesitate using their ultimates.

Strong Brimstone Maps

Brimstone thrives on maps that require smoking multiple angles at once and have limited rotation paths. This allows him to isolate sites and enable decisive hits. The two best maps for Brimstone are Bind and Fracture.


On Bind, Brimstone can single-handedly enable his team to take site control. His smokes cut off the myriad of angles defenders can play, especially on A site. Since Bind has no mid, defenders rotate quickly, making Brimstone’s smokes vital for splitting sites.

On defense, you can stall pushes with your Incendiary and Molly. With no mid to worry about, your teammates can quickly stack sites against rushes when you delay the enemies. Use your ultimate to clear out stubborn Awpers holding down U-Hall on A site as well.


Fracture heavily favors controllers, and Brimstone is no exception. His smokes excel at blocking off the many entrances to A site for execution. You can smoke CT, Dish, and Sand simultaneously, enabling your duelists to push out uncontested.

On defense, spam Incendiaries at chokepoints like A Main or B Main to prevent rushes. Brimstone can also reach both sites from spawn with his smokes, letting him support both sides as needed. Be mindful that this leaves you disconnected from your team though.


With strong use of his zoning tools and team play, a proficient Brimstone provides immense value on the right maps. Mastering lineups for his Incendiary and getting the most out of his smokes during executions will make you a formidable controller. Coordinate with your team and shotcall smart ultimate usages to maximize Brimstone’s versatile potential.

This Brimstone guide covered how to use his abilities effectively and dominate on maps like Bind and Fracture. Implementing the Brimstone tips in this guide will have you smoking enemies in no time.