Hello, I’m Gh0st, a professional Valorant booster who has completed tens of boosts each act, consistently reaching and maintaining the Immortal rank and even achieving the coveted Radiant rank. You may wonder how someone like me can navigate the ranks swiftly and efficiently, especially when you’ve been grappling with the challenges of ELO hell for what seems like an eternity. The secret isn’t luck but a well-honed strategy that can be learned and applied. The question isn’t whether you can reach Immortal but how you can do it. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share the insights and tactics I’ve developed through countless boosts, allowing players like you to understand and replicate the strategies that have enabled me to rank up at an extraordinary pace.

The Most Important Principle

We must first understand the fundamental principle of ranking up to rank up. This might trigger some people, but the reality is that you’re not the rank you want to be because you’re not as good as you think you are. It would help if you dropped your ego because the only way to rank up is through improvement. More specifically, you want to proportionately improve at the three main aspects of Valorant: your mechanics, your game sense, and your mentality. The keyword here is proportional.

Focus on Your Weaknesses

Your rank is determined not based on your greatest strength but by your biggest weakness. So if your weakest link and limiting constraint is your game sense or mentality, then aim training more won’t help you rank up. Instead, it would be best to focus on removing the constraints holding you back. Understanding that you can be extremely good at one aspect is crucial. Still, for you to improve and rank up, you need to focus on developing your weakest link.

Mastering Your Mechanics

Mechanics consist of two factors: your aim and your movement. Let’s start with your aim.

Get Immortal Aim

The first thing you should do to improve your aim is to look at your sensitivity. Many lower-ranked players have an absurdly high sensitivity. This isn’t Fortnite where you need to build walls quick. You’ll barely need to move your mouse if you have good positioning and crosshair placement.

Once you find a comfortable sensitivity, try not to change it and stick with it to get progressively better aim with that sense. Now that you have a solid sensitivity, we can work on refining your aim.

When building your aim, your warm-up routine is the first to look at. A thought-out personal warm-up is necessary to take your aim to the next level. You have three main options for improving your aim: the in-game range, death matches, and third-party aim trainers.

Best Movement Tips

Improving your movement happens more naturally through playing and trying to make skill jumps across all the maps. Here’s a quick rundown of the main movement tips you should focus on in your games:

  1. Pick angles with A and D instead of W to make yourself as hard to hit as possible.
  2. You don’t need to counter-strafe to stop moving; letting go of the key is realistically the same speed.
  3. Try binding jump to the scroll wheel to have more consistent hops.
  4. Practice jump peeking around corners, as it’s very effective for getting info and baiting op shots.
  5. You can also crouch on top of ramps if you hold your shift.
  6. It’s also beneficial to know that you can silently jump by crouching and letting go of crouch mid-air.
  7. Lastly, practice and understand how the ropes work on maps like Icebox because you want to avoid getting stuck in an awkward situation.

Improve Your Game Sense

Game sense is a comprehensive idea and includes many concepts like rotations, ability usage, reading the enemy team, etc. But in this guide, I’ll talk about the three most important ideas required to climb to Immortal: your decision-making, your positioning, and team play, and precisely how to improve each one.

Make Smarter Decisions

Your decision-making is where you decide whether you should peek or hold if you should rotate or wait, if you should save your ult for retake or use it now. You might not notice it, but you make hundreds of decisions every round, often resulting in death or a round loss.

One of the best things you can do to improve your decision-making is to learn from your mistakes by recording one of your games and watching it back. When watching, pay close attention to why you’re dying and your mistakes. Ask yourself what to do next time to avoid repeating the same mistake.

Positioning Rules

Even though positioning is technically a part of your decision-making, I decided to make a separate section for it because of its importance. Here are the seven most important rules when it comes to having good positioning:

  1. Always have a plan: Where will you fall back after getting a kill? What will you do if you get fully flashed or attacked with a Sova drone?
  2. Be ready to retake: If the enemy is five-man pushing with Sova drones and Killjoy ultimate, unless you know how to guarantee to kill at least two to three people, it’s best to retake with your team.
  3. Play off of your teammates: Remember to set up crossfires or peek off your teammate’s contacts in most situations, such as post-plant.
  4. Angle perception advantage: The closer you are to the wall, the earlier the enemy will see you and vice versa.
  5. Peeking and unpeeking: You should never hold an angle static. Every time you play at a standard angle, the enemy will swing with their crosshair pre-aimed on your head, giving them an easy kill.
  6. Off angles: The main point you want to get when it comes to off angles is that the fewer enemy players are on the map, the more off angles you should be playing.
  7. Can I delay the defuse: This is the most critical question you can ask yourself when deciding on your positioning after planting the bomb.

How To Be Consistent

The last aspect of game sense I’m reviewing in this guide is team callouts. Team comps are crucial to ranking up because they create consistency. Every game, you have 4 randoms; proper communication is the only way to have consistency with these teammates.

Improve Your Mentality

The last aspect of ranking up and the one holding most people back is a mentality. The mentality is actually one of the most essential concepts that have rarely been talked about in detail. Here are the five core mentality tips you have to wrap your head around to reach Immortal:

  1. Drop your ego: You need to improve because you think you’re already better than most people in your rank.
  2. Focus on long-term improvement: You will create room to grow once you’re out of the “I’m the best player in Silver” cycle.
  3. View every single game as winnable: No matter what the score is, or even if you have terrible teammates who are toxic, you must try your best to win the game. Don’t blame your teammates: Even if they are the reason you lost, blaming them won’t help you improve.
  4. Don’t tilt: You won’t play your best if you’re tilted. You need to play your best to win.


Ranking up to Immortal in Valorant is a challenging task. Still, it’s achievable if you’re willing to put in the effort. Remember, the key to ranking up is proportional improvement in your mechanics, game sense, and mentality. Focus on your weaknesses, improve your aim and movement, make smarter decisions, position yourself better, communicate effectively with your team, and maintain a positive mentality.

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