1. Master Teleport Jiggle Peeking

This strategy is simple yet incredibly effective. You’ll want to position yourself behind the cover near a corner. Prepare your teleport, then run backward and jump to peek out. This move can confuse your opponents and allow you to take them out.

2. Utilize One-way Smokes

One-way smokes can be incredibly advantageous. Positioning your smoke so that the enemy’s legs remain visible while their line of sight is blocked gives you a chance to pick them off without much risk. Despite the changes in patch 6.0, there are still many spots where you can place one-way smokes on Valorant maps.

3. Use Smokes as Cover

Position your smokes so that you can use them as cover to get closer to the enemy or take them by surprise. This is especially effective if you’re using shotguns, where getting closer can give you a significant advantage.

4. Be Creative with Omen’s Ultimate

Omen’s Ultimate ability, From the Shadows, can be very predictable, but there are ways to use it to your advantage. For instance, teleporting under Heaven on Haven instead of directly into it can catch enemies off guard. Also, teleporting onto a box in the attacker’s spawn in A Main on Ascent can give you a surprise sightline.

5. Take Advantage of Verticality with Teleports

Omen’s Shrouded Step ability allows him to teleport onto high boxes or platforms, giving you a better view of the map or surprise enemies. For instance, teleporting onto the tall boxes on A Site on Haven can provide you with off-angles on defense.

6. Master Advanced Omen Techniques

Using Omen’s abilities creatively can catch enemies off guard. For example, using his Ultimate to teleport out of Killjoy’s Lockdown ultimate radius, then canceling it after the Lockdown is completed, can allow you to reappear within the Lockdown radius and take out unsuspecting enemies.

7. Make the Most of Paranoia Ability

Omen’s Paranoia ability can blind and deafen enemies, giving you an advantage in combat. Remember to move forward or backward when you activate Paranoia, as it can affect your enemies in a broader range than when you’re stationary.