Suppose you’re a die-hard fan of Valorant. In that case, the news of changes in the progression system with Episode 7 will surely catch your attention. As the system overhaul looms, now is the time to put in the hours and complete those Agent contracts before June 27th. But before you jump into the action, let’s explore what these changes mean for you and how they can enhance your gaming experience.

New Daily Rewards: A Better Pay-Off for Your Dedication

A cornerstone of the new progression system is the revamping of daily rewards. These updated rewards are designed to better compensate for your dedication to the game, whether engaging in Escalation, Premier, Comp, Unrated, or TDM.

But there’s more! The daily rewards now include XP and Kingdom Credits – a new, free in-game currency. You can use these Kingdom Credits to unlock many free items, amplifying the benefits of your daily engagement with Valorant.

Agent Contracts Transformed into Agent Recruitment Events

Gone are the days when you forgot to activate a new Agent Contract. With Episode 7, Agent Contracts evolve into Agent Recruitment events. These events, marked by free event passes, are activated automatically when a new Agent is released.
The best part is that these passes remain active for several weeks, beginning with the release of the next Agent. Consequently, you’re rewarded for merely playing the game, earning Agent Recruitment progress and XP, and accumulating Kingdom Credits. And if you can’t wait to unlock the new Agent, you can do so immediately with VP!

Failing to Unlock the Agent is Not a Dead-end

What if a few weeks pass, and you still need to unlock the Agent? Not to worry, the system is built to cater to all player types. You can still unlock the Agent in the Agent store using your stored-up Kingdom Credits anytime after the Recruitment event ends.

More Choices with Agent Gear

Agent Gear is a substantial part of your Valorant experience. However, the new progression system in Episode 7 adds a twist. Now, you can decide where to spend the currency you’ve earned.

The familiar items from your Agent Contracts, such as the Gekko Shorty, remain. But with the new changes, you’re not limited to Agent Gear. The newly introduced Accessory Store awaits your visit!

The Accessory Store: More than Just Agent Gear

The Accessory Store is a goldmine for new players and seasoned veterans who missed out on Premium on a Battlepass or missed acquiring some much-wanted items. Remember the Airhorn Spray or the Boomer Title? You can now spend your Kingdom Credits in the Accessory Store to purchase past Battlepass Accessories, including Cards, Sprays, Buddies, and Titles.

Check your store often, as the accessories refresh every week. However, remember that there’s a limit to the amount of Kingdom Credits you can bank.

A Promising Future for Valorant

This transformative overhaul in Episode 7 reflects Valorant’s commitment to refining and updating all aspects of the game. Introducing a new progression system aims to enrich the player experience, making the game more engaging and rewarding.

So what’s next? Episode 7 is brimming with exciting changes, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store. Stay tuned for a comprehensive overview of all the changes Episode 7 offers in the coming weeks.

Valorant’s exciting progression system changes promise to bring a fresh wave of excitement, incentivizing gameplay and progression. So gear up and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Valorant, where rewards await your every move!