Greeting! Blvackrose here, I’m a professional Valorant booster, and I have huge experience about how ranking system works. So you want to level up in Valorant but need help to make substantial Ranked Rating (RR) gains? Frustrated by the apparent randomness of player assignments in your matches? Well, we’re here to shed light on the intricacies of Valorant’s ranking system and provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to optimize your RR gains and accelerate your progression. These insights may change your entire perspective on rankings. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the RR Ranking System

Why do you get lower-ranked players on your team? You might be thinking, “I’m a Gold player, why are there Silvers on my team?” Riot’s answer to this is quite insightful. They believe everyone is on their own journey, and it takes multiple games to gauge how you compare to others and determine your rank.

To ensure fair and accurate ranking, Riot’s approach starts you at the bottom of your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) and tests you upwards. This method minimizes the risk of erroneous ranking and subsequent negative impact on team experience. If you constantly lose and drop in rank, it’s detrimental to your experience and your teammates. If you find a lower rank on your team, remember that they might be on the rise and they’re being tested at a higher level. Your focus should be on improving yourself – you’re the constant factor determining your rank, not your teammates.

How Many Games to Play

To gauge your true rank, on average, it takes 20 to 40 games for your rank to match your MMR. For some, it may take up to 100 games. These numbers can fluctuate due to factors such as purposeful losing streaks or simply poor luck. However, the more games you play, the closer you’ll get to your true MMR, which will reflect in your RR.

RR Penalty and the AFK Issue

What happens when you suddenly go AFK due to an internet outage or other unforeseen circumstances? There is indeed an RR penalty for AFKing, and it’s not arbitrary. The RR penalty starts when you miss three rounds, capping at -12 RR for six rounds AFK. If your team loses and you were AFK for six rounds, you’ll lose the total points for the loss and an additional -12 RR. Despite the penalties, Riot encourages coming back to help your team win, but they want AFK to be punishing.

Understanding Rank Decay

Rank Decay is also a crucial factor. If you’re away from the game for an extended period, your MMR will decline. Additionally, Riot increases your variance, which reflects how confident they are about your MMR. The longer you’re away, the higher your variance means you may play with a wider range of ranks. This mechanism ensures that players returning from a hiatus must prove they’re still catching up to play at their original MMR.

Significance of Round Differential

Let’s talk about the round differential, a crucial factor impacting your RR. The difference in rounds won or lost is considered multiplied by your opponent’s difficulty. The more you crush a tough opponent, the higher RR you’ll gain. However, there is a cap; you’ll never gain or lose more than 10 RR for the round differential of a match. This emphasizes the importance of winning as many rounds as possible, even if you think you’re going to lose. Every round matters.

Why You Shouldn’t Surrender

Speaking of losing, surrendering early in the game (or ‘ffing’) could severely impact your RR. Even if you lose, your MMR can still increase if you play well. So giving yourself a chance to lessen the RR loss and raise your MMR is crucial. This is especially true in lower ranks, where performance is more impactful than win/loss. By ffing, you’re quite literally throwing away your MMR. So stay in the game and strive for a comeback.


In summary, the secret to RR gains and ranking up fast in Valorant lies in understanding the game’s intricate ranking system and continuously striving to improve your skills. Remember, every round matters, and it’s crucial not to surrender prematurely. Your focus should be less on statistics and more on refining your gameplay.

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