Feeling like you’re not exploiting Killjoy’s potential to the fullest? Do you yearn to unleash her true power, making her adversaries tremble as they dash through your Nano swarms? Look no further. This comprehensive guide, written by our professional Valorant player – METEOR, offers the most potent tips, tricks and strategies to metamorphose you into an unrivalled Killjoy powerhouse. This guide will help you transcend new heights of proficiency, be it if you’re a novice or an experienced player. In just a few minutes, we will equip you with all the strategies to transform your gameplay from Noob to Pro.

Mastering Killjoy’s Turret

Killjoy is, unarguably, the most exceptional Sentinel in The Meta, with her turret being one of the best passive abilities in the game. It does more than just shooting at enemies to damage and slow them down. The turret is an invaluable tool for gathering information and controlling multiple sections of the map. For instance, placing your turret at the bottom of b-link on Pearl grants you control and insight. The turret regenerates after a cooldown period if broken or retracted and can even cover flanks outside your normal range when positioned correctly. Utilized appropriately, Killjoy’s turret becomes a dominant tool to maintain map control and supply information to your team, allowing them to secure other sites.

Exploring Killjoy’s Alarm Bot

Killjoy’s alarm bot remains invisible until an enemy is in very close range. It hunts down enemies, triggering its explosion and making them vulnerable. It’s also a useful tool for gathering information. A common strategy is to place an alarm bot by the front B-side on Haven. This, combined with the turret, supplies invaluable information about enemy movements, enabling your team to stack a site, making it almost impossible for the attacking team to win. The alarm bot can be combined with a double Nano swarm setup to kill or delay enemy advancements.

Unleashing Nano Swarms

Nano swarms are Killjoy’s invisible abilities that spring into action when an enemy is within close range. They are mainly deployed in front of a choke point to halt an enemy push, and can be placed in areas where you predict enemies will move towards. They are also excellent for post-plant situations to delay defuses. High-level Killjoy players even have Nano swarm lineups so they can detonate them on Spike as soon as they land, making it extremely challenging to counter.

Employing Lockdown

Lockdown, Killjoy’s ultimate ability, is one of the most potent abilities in the game currently. It can clear a bomb site on attack or enable a retake situation on defense. When dropped, the lockdown detains anyone within range, forcing them to either abandon site or fight. It has few counters and can drastically alter how a round is played. Savvy Killjoy players may choose to play a full retake on their site when they have their lockdown, comboing it with Nano swarm lineups. When deployed correctly, it forces players to either die to Nano swarms or get detained.

Learning from The Best

Examine high-level Killjoy players to truly harness her potential. For instance, look at how Derek sets up his turret and Nano swarm for a push. Or how Nats, one of the best Killjoy players in Valorant, showcases his understanding of the agent in an eco-round. Pay attention to his positioning and his use of Nano swarm. Also, consider NRG’s master class Killjoy gameplay, where the player starts by placing an alarm bot and double Nano swarms set up in Hookah.


This guide has been created to help you unlock new levels of mastery and dominate the ranks as Killjoy. But remember, mastering mechanics and understanding the game will take time and practice. With the right knowledge and strategies, you can climb the Valorant ranks in no time. Thank you for reading, and see you on the battlefield!