Neon, the electric agent in Valorant, has significantly impacted the Pro scene. But for many players, handling her in ranked matches feels like a daunting task. But fret not, as we are here to arm you with eight essential tips to help you master Neon, letting you dominate in a solo queue and beyond..

1. Knowing When NOT to Use Her Abilities

The excitement of Neon’s high-octane kit often leads players to indiscriminately throw out abilities. However, understanding when not to use her abilities is key to mastering Neon. Sometimes, the most effective use of your utility is not using it at all. Feel free to hold back if your abilities seem overkill or if you need to conserve resources for a later engagement. Bide your time, wait for the right moment to strike, and you’ll be able to catch your enemies off guard and come out on top.

2. Mastering the Perfect Balance Between Abilities and Attacks

Neon’s kit necessitates players to momentarily holster their guns when using her abilities. This brief pause can leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks. Hence, it is crucial to find the perfect balance between using her abilities and capitalizing on them. Just because you can bounce a stun off a wall and stun an angle doesn’t mean you always should. Misuse of abilities can obstruct your team or create an unexpected gap, leading to disastrous results.

3. Have a Strategy and a Mental Map

A key strategy to maximizing Neon’s abilities is having a mental map of your utility usage when taking a site. By understanding how to use your abilities with your team’s approach to the site, you can react quickly to changing situations and maximize your kit. This preemptive planning can differentiate between a failed push and a successful site take.

4. Mastering Neon’s Movement

Neon is the fastest agent in Valorant when her high gear is activated. This speed not only means she can rotate and attack faster but her escape potential skyrockets. Understanding all aspects of Neon’s E, including how to slide out in any direction, will help keep the competition disoriented, allowing you to dodge abilities, escape danger, and surprise your enemies with your movement skills.

5. Know Where and When to Pick Neon

Neon works best when paired with agents that prevent the enemy from shooting back at you, like Breach, Skye, KayO, or Astra. When you see such agents in a game, it’s a great spot to pick Neon. Combine these agent picks with good communication and timing, and you will have the enemy conceding defeat in no time.

6. The Power of Neon’s Wall

Neon’s Fast Lane is a crucial part of her kit, designed to provide cover and safe entry into a site. However, its usage can be tricky, as there’s almost zero risk for enemies to swing into it. The key to the wall is to bait players peeking into you and ensure it isn’t a straight pathway for your opponents.

7. Exploiting Neon’s Synergy with Shotguns

With her ability to close distances quickly, Neon is formidable when using shotguns. Her sprint into slide maneuver can get your opponents into the perfect range, while her wall and stun can put your enemies at a disadvantage. But remember, while shotguns can be more than deadly, use them at an appropriate range to maximize their effectiveness.

8. Redefining Neon’s Stuns Usage

When confronted with multiple enemies, consider this strategy: stun one side and peak the other player who isn’t stunned. This will allow you to isolate and deal with threats one at a time. After dispatching the first enemy, you can return to the stunned one. Neon’s stuns should not be seen only as a form of crowd control but also as a way to control duels and divide enemy attention.

In Conclusion

Neon is an exciting and fast-paced agent, bringing a new dynamism to Valorant matches. She’s an excellent pick for aggressive, fast-thinking players. However, her abilities require precise planning and execution to extract their full potential. Using these tips, practicing consistently, and refining your strategies, you can master Neon’s abilities and dominate in your Valorant matches. Enjoy the thrill of playing as Neon, and always remember: speed is the essence of her game!