Valorant Reyna

Guide updated by our professional Valorant booster and Reyna master – Gh0st

Greetings, Valorant gamers! Today, we’re bringing you the ultimate Reyna guide. Reyna, one of the six duelists in Riot’s FPS game, Valorant, is an outstanding agent for both veteran and new players. This detailed guide will comprehensively explain her abilities (Reyna skills) and their strategic uses, along with top suggestions and optimal strategies to help you dominate matches.

Reyna’s Abilities

1. Signature Ability: Leer

Reyna equips a destructible eye that can render enemies nearsighted. When you use this blind tactic effectively, you can aim high or low to momentarily distract enemies, providing a critical opening for attack. It’s best to throw the eye above your head or at your feet to avoid easy retaliation from enemies who can destroy it by shooting.

2. Dismiss (Evasion Ability)

Reyna can consume a Soul Orb to become intangible for a brief period using her Dismiss ability. While intangible, Reyna is immune to enemy attacks but cannot shoot back. Be aware that enemies can still detect Reyna Users as a purple outline when she uses this ability.

3. Devour

After eliminating opponents, they leave behind a Soul Orb that Reyna can consume to quickly regain health. Once her health is full, the healing power transforms into an over-heal shield. This ability allows Valorant Reyna players to stay in the fight longer and can turn the tide of a battle.

4. Empress (Reyna Ultimate)

When using Empress, Reyna enters an agitated state, enhancing her firing speed and boosting equipment and reload speed. If Reyna secures a kill during Empress, the ability’s duration is renewed, and Devour is automatically triggered without consuming a Soul Orb. Also, using Dismiss during Empress makes Reyna invisible, offering an opportunity for a tactical reposition.

Practical Tips for Utilizing Reyna’s Abilities

1. Using Dismiss Effectively

Dismiss allows Reyna to take riskier peeks because it offers a quick escape after a kill, avoiding trades. Using this evasion ability strategically gives your team an advantage in numbers, similar to how Jett’s dash works.

2. Mastering Devour

After each kill, Reyna can heal herself by consuming a Soul Orb. However, the orb must be in sight for her to heal, so positioning is critical. Keep in mind that healing exposes your location to enemies. It’s crucial to assess whether you need to heal or dismiss as each situation demands.

3. Implementing Empress

When using Empress, ensure you’re in a position to secure multiple kills. Additionally, be conscious of your fire rate, and use Dismiss strategically to reposition yourself. However, remember that even during Empress, a headshot from a Vandal can still eliminate you.

Strategy Tips for Playing Reyna

1. Lurking

As Reyna, you can get a kill and instantly dismiss or heal, reducing the opportunity for enemies to trade. However, don’t lurk every round as it becomes predictable. Balancing your lurking with assisting your team on a site is vital.

2. Defending

Defender Role Reyna excels at holding off-angles – unexpected positions that allow for a kill before escaping using Dismiss. While defending, ensure your team coordinates well and knows who is holding which site.

3. Attacking

As an Attacker Role Reyna, utilize your flashes to breach sites and use your teammate’s smokes for cover. Remember, as a duelist, it’s your role to lead the charge, secure kills, and clear out sites.

Remember, mastering Reyna requires practice. Learning to adapt and apply her abilities in various situations will undoubtedly improve your gameplay. Becoming a skilled Reyna player involves time, patience, and remember that learning to employ Reyna to her fullest potential won’t happen overnight. As with any Valorant agent, becoming proficient requires practice and understanding her unique playstyle.

Reyna’s Curve

Reyna has a steep learning curve and requires mastery over her abilities to truly shine. This learning curve, however, shouldn’t dissuade you from picking her. Instead, view it as a challenge that, when conquered, can result in a highly impactful agent capable of turning the tide of matches.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, Reyna can be a powerful agent in the right hands. Her dismiss and devour abilities allow for unique outplays, while her ultimate, Empress, can shift the momentum of a round in your favor. Understanding when and how to utilize Reyna, coupled with a solid aim and map awareness, can make you a formidable Reyna player. Remember, every match is an opportunity to learn and improve. So don’t be discouraged if you struggle initially with Reyna’s unique playstyle. With consistent practice and dedication, you can master Reyna and become a significant asset to your team.

Thank you for reading this Reyna tutorial. Don’t hesitate to share it with others if you find it helpful. Keep practicing, and stay focused, and I look forward to seeing you dominate the battlefield with Reyna.