Riot Games, the developers of Valorant, are making some exciting changes in Valorant’s progression system with Episode 7 Act 1. This comprehensive update will revamp several game elements, including unlocking agents, daily missions, and agent contracts. Furthermore, players will soon be able to purchase previous battle pass items. This post will help you navigate the progression system in Valorant, with a special focus on the Accessory Store, Kingdom Credits, and more.

Reworked Daily Missions

You’ll find four checkpoints in the menu in the revamped daily missions, each with four charges. To unlock rewards and complete these daily missions, you must participate in Valorant rounds. You’ll unlock rewards simply by playing, earning one progress point for each round in unrated, competitive, swift play, and Premiere modes.

In contrast, matches in Team Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and Escalation are worth two progress points. You can complete all four daily missions by winning 16 rounds in the former game modes or playing eight matches in the latter, thereby unlocking rewards.

Each completed checkpoint comes with 1000 XP and 150 Valorant Kingdom Credits. Completing your dailies every day will net you a total of 4000 XP and 600 Kingdom Credits in Valorant. Plus, these daily missions stack up and come with catch-up bonuses, so you can still earn rewards even if you can’t play every day.

Introducing Kingdom Credits

Kingdom Credits, a new free currency in Valorant, are debuting. By playing games in any mode, you can earn Kingdom Credits. Winning rounds gives you a bonus, and as previously mentioned, daily missions can provide an additional 600 Valorant KC daily.

The anticipated numbers are five Kingdom Credits for every round you play and ten Kingdom Credits for every round you win. For example, winning a competitive game 13-7 would earn you 200 Kingdom Credits just from that game. With another competitive match and completion of all four daily missions, you can quickly accumulate Kingdom Credits, earning 1000 Kingdom Credits in a single day.

However, Valorant has a cap of 10000 Kingdom Credits to encourage you to spend your Kingdom currency. To celebrate the launch of Kingdom Credits, Riot Games Valorant will award everyone 5000 of them, putting you well on your way to unlocking a new agent.

Changes to Agent Contracts

Agent contracts are divided into three distinct parts: Agent Recruitment events, Agent Store, and Agent’s Gear.

Agent Recruitment events are free passes that automatically activate when a new agent releases, remaining active for 28 days. Completing these operative recruitment events requires a total of 200000 XP, the same amount it previously took to reach tier 5 in an agent’s contract. The difference now is that you have a 28-day time limit to earn this XP.

If you fail to hit the XP target within the time limit, that agent will appear in the Agent Store. Here, you can unlock agents by spending 1000 Valorant Points (VP) or 8000 Kingdom Credits. You can spend Valorant Points to unlock agents anytime, but you can only use Kingdom Credits after their recruitment event.

In the Agent’s Gear section, you’ll find all the cosmetic items previously part of agent contracts. Now, these items can be unlocked using Kingdom Credits rather than XP. It will cost you 8000 Kingdom Credits to unlock a sidearm skin, and unlocking all 10 items for one agent will cost around 43000 credits.

The Accessory Store

Finally, we have the Accessory Store, where you can buy previous battle pass accessories using your Kingdom credits. Each player will have a unique store, with items rotating weekly. The Accessory Store will include player cards, gun buddies, sprays, and titles, not gun or knife skins. Accessory prices will vary based on their original battle pass tier.

In conclusion, the introduction of Valorant Kingdom Credits and the changes to agent contracts have significantly improved Valorant’s progression system. This update allows players to earn Kingdom Credits and makes the process of unlocking agents and agent contract rewards more streamlined and intuitive. So, get ready to embrace the changes and enjoy the new ways to progress in Valorant!