Greetings, Valorant players! Today, we delve into the intricacies of choosing the optimal agents for Fracture, a map with distinct polarizing reactions among the player base. Some people adore it, others not so much. But no matter how you feel about it, knowing which agents work best on this map can be the difference between victory and defeat. So let’s get started!

S-Tier: Raze, Neon, Brimstone, and Breach

The S-tier agents are the cream of the crop when it comes to operating on Fracture.

  • Raze and Neon: These two duelists excel on Fracture with their explosive abilities that can quickly secure a site for plant or create powerful retakes.
  • Brimstone: Surprisingly, this is Brimstone’s shining map. His ability to smoke off three choke points simultaneously makes him an ideal choice for executes.
  • Breach: Breach’s Fault Line comes into its own on Fracture. The ability’s width can cover the majority of the narrow passages, providing excellent crowd control.

A-Tier: Jett, Phoenix, KAY/O, Faze, Cypher, and Killjoy

The A-tier agents provide strong alternatives, still offering great strategic advantages on this map.

  • Jett and Phoenix: Jett remains a strong pick on any map, including Fracture. Meanwhile, Phoenix becomes more viable here due to the four ultimate orbs available for him to capitalize on.
  • KAY/O and Fade: These initiators offer solid options for contesting almost any area on the map, making them a smart choice for teams prioritizing early map control.
  • Cypher and Killjoy: Both these agents excel in site defense. Cypher’s Trapwires can cover the entire map, while Killjoy’s Lockdown ultimate often guarantees a round win when used effectively.

B-Tier: Sage, Chamber, Astra, Omen, Viper, Harbor, and Skye

B-tier agents can still perform admirably on Fracture, but they may fall short when compared to the higher-tier agents.

  • Sage and Chamber: Sage’s Slow Orb and Barrier Orb can be game-changers, stalling pushes and walling off strategic locations. Chamber, on the other hand, can hold his own, but his setup options are somewhat limited.
  • Astra, Omen, Viper, and Harbor: These agents are decent choices with their unique utilities. However, they do have their own inherent weaknesses: Astra’s smokes lack duration, Omen no longer has his one-ways, Viper requires another controller for optimal use, and Harbor lacks strong defensive power.
  • Skye: While not as potent as other initiators, Skye isn’t a poor choice. Her ability to gather information and heal teammates can still contribute significantly to a match.

C-Tier: Reyna, Sova, and Yoru

The C-tier agents might struggle to provide value on Fracture due to the map’s specific dynamics.

  • Reyna, Sova, and Yoru: These agents don’t fit this map as well as others. Their kits might not deliver the desired impact, though they can still be used effectively by skilled players.

Mastering Fracture map requires not only an understanding of its unique layout but also the utilization of agents whose abilities match its structure. Remember, an agent’s tier isn’t everything; how well you use their abilities and coordinate with your team is crucial. Utilize this guide as a stepping stone towards your journey of mastering Fracture. Here’s to your success on the battlefield!