Welcome, fellow Valorant players! Let’s venture into Split, a dynamic map renowned for its unique playstyle, catering to the close-quarters, sharp corners, and choke points. We will dissect the Valorant agents that can truly take advantage of Split’s structure. Let’s get started!

S-Tier: Raze and Sage

Raze and Sage conquer Split with their distinctive abilities, making them the top-tier choices on this map.

  • Raze: In Split’s confined spaces, Raze’s explosive arsenal truly shines. Her Paint Shells and Blast Packs can deal devastating damage, clearing tight corners and obstructed sites with ease.
  • Sage: Sage’s Barrier Orb can control the critical mid area. If undisturbed, it grants a significant defense advantage, creating fast rotation opportunities for the team.

A-Tier: Astra, Killjoy, Cypher, KAY/O, Skye, and Faze

A-tier agents excel at map control, a crucial factor in dominating Split.

  • Astra, Killjoy, and Cypher: These agents can utilize Split’s narrow choke points effectively. Astra’s celestial utility, Killjoy’s defensive setup, and Cypher’s information-gathering capabilities can put significant pressure on opponents.
  • KAY/O, Skye, and Fade: These agents have a strong command over mid control, essential for Split. Their combined utility can provide the necessary information and area denial required to seize control.

B-Tier: Omen, Brimstone, Viper, Chamber, Jett, Neon, and Breach

B-tier agents have the potential to perform well on Split, despite their limitations.

  • Omen, Brimstone, and Viper: These agents can efficiently block Split’s numerous choke points. However, they all have their shortcomings. Omen’s one-way smokes are no longer as potent, Brimstone’s range remains confined, and Viper may require a secondary controller to fully utilize her abilities.
  • Chamber, Jett, and Neon: Chamber can excel with an Operator, but given the high utility use on Split, finding a clear shot can be challenging. Jett and Neon are competent picks, although they may be overshadowed by Raze. Neon’s Relay Bolts need careful execution to avoid negatively impacting the team.
  • Breach: While formidable on defense and capable of self follow-ups, Breach struggles on offense. His utility relies heavily on team synergy, which can be challenging to achieve in ranked matches.

C-Tier: Harbor, Reyna, Phoenix, Sova, and Yoru

C-tier agents don’t ideally complement Split’s structure but can still be impactful in skilled hands.

  • Harbor, Reyna, Phoenix, Sova, and Yoru: These agents don’t naturally cater to Split’s layout, leading to potential struggles to maximize their value. However, upcoming updates promise to enhance their adaptability, so keep an eye out!

In conclusion, dominating Split requires adept manipulation of tight spaces, choke points, and quick rotations. Choosing the right agent is only the beginning; mastering their utility in harmony with the map’s layout is the real game-changer. Remember, Valorant is a team game – effective communication, strategic coordination, and flexible gameplay will always triumph. May your time on Split be thrilling and victorious!